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6 Top Niacinamide Ingredient Combinations

Now, niacinamide is already a jack-of-all-trades type of ingredient, but what if we told you that it doesn’t end there? Niacinamide can also bring out the best in others! So, of course, we just had to highlight the 6 top niacinamide ingredient combinations! See who makes the perfect pair with niacinamide.

#1. Salicylic Acid + Niacinamide

First up for the best niacinamide ingredient combinations is salicylic acid! A acne fighting duo! Salicylic acid is a pore clearing machine and helps to control acne and sebum levels. Meanwhile, niacinamide helps also tend to the pores and sebum. So these two, uniting together, makes for a powerful anti-acne combo!

Top Product Pick
CeraVe- Renewing SA Cleanser

“The best cleanser I’ve used so far in my whole entire life. It’s not just that it’s affordable, it’s also very effective and it does a great job in terms of cleaning skin. I noticed all of my acne is gone after using this product straight for 1 week. I am very satisfied with the result. Definitely recommend this.” -GigiXPaws

#2. Retinol + Niacinamide

Two words: Cell regeneration. Retinol is king of anti-aging and helps accelerate the skin cell turnover rate to bring out a more fresh complexion. But, did you know? Niacinamide is also an anti-aging agent! Sneaking in to smooth out wrinkles and boost that ceramide synthesis to further fade fine lines and keep skin youthful

Top Product Pick
Avoskin – Miraculous Retinol Toner

“This product contains 1% Actosome Retinol which is a retinol derivative that claims to be less irritating. On top of that, I also noticed that there are other active ingredients such as Niacinamide and BHA which made it sound super potent. I expected my skin to purge and sting like crazy but wow I did not experience any of these.” -skincat

#3. Hyaluronic Acid + Niacinamide

Take a stop at hydration station! Hyaluronic acid, a tidal wave of hydration, is only further empowered by it’s moisturizing companion niacinamide! As we mentioned before, niacinamide boosts ceramide synthesis and this can help to effectively moisturize and strengthen the skin barrier.

Top Product Pick
Rovectin – Skin Essentials Activating Treatment Lotion

“I’m not disappointed at all, it has a gel texture and it’s fragrance free. It’s very gentle, no bad reactions on my skin. I use it mostly in the PM, after cleansing and I really feel the power of the 7 kinds of hyaluronic acid. Plump and hydrating right after, my skin is so smooth and soft.” -khawla

#4. Centella Asiatica + Niacinamide

Need a little soothing salvation? This combo should do just the trick! Combining centella asiatica, a wondrous healing and calming ingredient, with niacinamide can help bring a sigh of relief to irritated or sensitized skin. Of course, be careful with the percentage of niacinamide (below 10% concentration is best for sensitive skin).

Top Product Pick
P.Calm – Barrier_Cycle Toner

“Has a slightly viscous consistency, colorless, watery lightweight texture. This toner sinks in fast & doesn’t leave any tacky or heavy feeling. Hydration wise, it was amazing. This instantly hydrates my skin well. Immediately looked plumped afterwards. Definitely my go to whenever my skin is dehydrated.” -Kaiiixx

#5. AHA + Niacinamide

Redness reduction! AHA is a gold standard for dull and aging skin, combine these two and you get radiant and more evenly toned complexion.

Top Product Pick
A’Pieu – Glycolic Acid Cream

“It’s a must have for me. I use this cream locally on problem areas on my face. It contains 3% glycolic acid and 0.45% salicylic acid. This product helps to reduce rashes and lighten post acne. I use it for a long time and I can say that it really works on my face. Important: this product should be applied only at night.” -VladaP

#6. N-Acetyl Glucosamine + Niacinamide

N-acetyl glucosamine may be a bit underrated in skincare at the moment, but this nano peptide is great for your skin! Helping to provide extra hydration and lighten pigmentation, nearly a mirror to niacinamide’s own benefits. Double up on the skin loving benefits by combining them both!

Top Product Pick
The Formula Rx – Niacinamide 10% + N-Acetyle Glucosamine

“I got purging from The Ordinary 10% Niacinamide serum and just gave up that this ingredient is for me until I thought to give one more try to niacinamide. And to my surprise, The Formula Rx Niacinamide serum did not irritate my skin at all. I used it in the morning daily and it helped reduce oil production to a large extent.” -AnshikaKhandelwal3

Be Picky

How did you like these niacinamide ingredient combinations? Find any new combos you want to try? Lucky for you, you can search for specific, multiple, ingredients via the Picky app! Just plug them into the Mega Search Filter and see all the products that contain exactly what you want! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and our YouTube channel for more fun skincare content.

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