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Meet our Picky Experts

Picky wouldn’t be the same without our Picky Experts! Thanks to their expertise, we can provide fun and science backed skincare information to all of you. So let’s take a moment and meet all these Picky Experts!

US Picky Experts


If I had to give one piece of advice, it would not to over-cleanse or exfoliate. Sunscreen and moisturizer on the daily!”


What started my interest in skincare was that I had acne as a teen and nothing worked! At the time I had just started my degree in biochemistry and didn’t understand my skin. So now I take a scientific approach to skincare and it’s the best thing I could have done for my skin!”


“Less is more. A skincare routine doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. This is especially important when just starting out.”

Dermatologist Specialist (PA-C)

My skincare tip is…prevention is the best medicine! Prevent sun damage, wrinkles, acne, rosacea, eczema flare ups and more with SPF through out the day. Not wearing SPF negates any benefits you would get from other skincare ingredients.”

Board Certified Dermatologist

“Find what is right for your skin, then be patient and consistent rather than follow trends. Remember that results from skincare take time.


“Give it at least 6 weeks before you say you love it or hate it. It takes that long to know.”

Cosmetic Formulator

Cosmetic Chemist

Skincare Enthusiast & Contributer

European Picky Experts

Dr. Prashi (UK)

The best advice I can give is simplicity! Keeping your skincare routine simple and tailored to your skin’s needs is definitely the secret. Sticking to just a few key ingredients and products rather than a bunch of random products will be way more beneficial!”

Beibei (UK)

If I had to give one piece of advice, keep your routine as minimal as possible and respond to what your skin is telling you.”

Crystal (UK)

“Skincare products are not one-size-fits-all. Everyone is different so use products that are targeted to your skin concerns as less is more when it comes to skincare.”

Satobhisha (Germany)

My skincare tip is skin positivity! Don’t go crazy about skin problems, but embrace your skin. Take your time, do some research and make the right decision for your skin.”

Nicoleta (Greece)

What got me into skincare was my need to show love for myself and help others do the same by loving the skin they are in!”

South East Asian Picky Experts

Dr. Nic (Singapore)

“Enjoy skincare! If you find the “rules” too overwhelming, keep it simple and enjoy the process. It’s self love!”

Dr. Paola (Philippines)

My favorite skincare products include vitamin C for brightening, hyaluronic acid for hydration and broad spectrum sunscreen to fight off aging and pigmentation!”

Dr. Mara (Philippines)

I got into skincare thanks to my mom! She’s a dermatologist who took an interest in active ingredients before they were mainstream. What fueled my interest was the mis-skin-formation out there, and I enjoyed filtering through the skincare hype for my followers and patients.”

Dr. Elli (Philippines)

The advice is true, ‘ you are what you eat!’ Don’t expect flawless skin if you eat junk food on the daily. The simple science is that sugar increases inflammation and that can harm your skin!”

Meg (Philippines)

One thing to keep in mind is skincare is a personal journey! Each of us have different skin types and concerns, so our skin won’t react in the same way. So don’t feel bad if a hyped up skincare product doesn’t do much for your skin.”

Yulia (Indonesia)

My skincare tip is always start a new product gradually. Do patch tests and take time to see how your skin reacts!”

Claudia (Indonesia)

My interest in skincare started back when I struggled with acne, so skin issues is a personal struggle I dealt with. That’s why I’m interested in the field of dermatology and going to South Korea for my degree really opened my eyes to a whole other level of skincare advancement!”

Stella (Indonesia)

Dr. Katrina (Philippines)

The best advice I can give is aim for healthy skin, not perfect, and beautiful skin will follow!”

Dr. Jarische -Jaja- (Philippines)

My favorite skincare products are sunscreen for protection, retinoid acid for acne, vitamin C and niacinamide for brightening and petrolatum for those chapped lips.”

East Asian Picky Experts

Erlin (Taiwan)
Cosmetic Formulator

One piece of advice is target your skin concerns one at a time. People tend to use too many actives in one routine which can be really problematic!”

Oceania Picky Experts

Aaish (Australia)
Studying dermatology

We love our Picky Experts and we hope you can help appreciate them too! For more skincare fun, head to the Picky app where the Picky community is buzzing in Discuss! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and check out more skincare science content on our blog!

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