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Myth vs Fact: Immunity to Skincare Ingredients

Myth: If you use the same products, your skin builds an immunity to those skincare ingredients.

Fact: Your skin’s needs change over time!


Let’s look at an example to wrap our heads around this myth. You may have started using a product and it worked so well, there was a huge difference in your skin. But now, there’s no more improvement. Does that mean you’ve built an immunity to those skincare ingredients?

The answer: No! Your skin doesn’t build up resistance or immunity to any skincare ingredients. Our bodies don’t build tolerance in that they become immune, but you can build a tolerance to the side effect of products (not the benefit) such as retinol.


What actually happens is your skin reaches a point of “visible” plateau after using a new product. For example, if you’re using a product to brighten your skin, at the beginning you will see a visible result of faded hyperpigmentation and etc. But then you reach a point of even skin tone with your natural skin pigment that the product can no longer change or provide more “visible” results. Skincare can’t change what is engrained in the gene of your natural skin color. And that’s where you reach the plateau of the product.

Also, it doesn’t need to be an active-containing product. Gel moisturizers are hydrating for summer, but it may not be enough or even break you out in winter! This is because it doesn’t provide enough hydration for the colder season. So this is where you should change or switch your product to a richer and more emollient texture.

Immunity to Skincare: Conclusion

This idea ties into other products and ingredients. That’s why it can be helpful to change up your routine once in a while based on your skin condition, skin’s needs, or external environment!

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  1. This is very informative! Thank you! Can you recommend some moisturizers for oily/combo/acne prone skin during winter? I have only been using gel ones and now I’m wondering if I need to switch to a lotion or cream but I don’t want it to be too heavy on my skin

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