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Myth vs Fact: No-Chemical Skincare

Myth: No-chemical skincare is better

Fact: Everything is chemical, even air and water. There is no none chemical skincare.

Well, first things first, there is no such thing as no-chemical skincare. The water we drink and the air that we breathe- all chemicals. Then how did the term “chemical-free” and “no-chemical” come about? Well let’s jump into this myth to find out the essential truths!

“No-chemical” terminology

Why did “no-chemical” even start as a skincare trend? Well, it came from the idea of avoiding possibly harsh chemicals that could potentially disrupt skin barriers or create sensitivity. This means ingredients like: SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), fragrance, parabens and more. They get a bad reputation in the skincare industry and the reason why some brands try to take the easy way out with a “chemical-free” or “no-chemical” label to ease the fear from consumers.

“No-chemical” doesn’t mean it’s safer or better

All of your skincare products, despite their ‘natural’ ingredients, are made up of chemicals! So, to put it frankly, “chemical-free” skincare does not exits.

What we can take away from the “chemical-free” label brands use, is that their product utilizes more plant extracts in the formula. Does this mean the product is safer and better? Well, truth is even a single plant extract contains numerous substances, including those that benefit the skin like antioxidants or those that are more volatile and create irritation. To put it plainly, just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s “safer” or “better” for your skin!

Key takeaways

Main thing to take away from this article, chemical-free skincare doesn’t exist. We shouldn’t rely on labels, chemical-free or not, to determine if a skincare product is safe or suitable for our skin. Whether the ingredients are synthetic or natural doesn’t matter, only avoid the ingredients that cause irritation or allergy!

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4 Responses

  1. love this topic today. it explained well and i agree that the most important in checking products is it has no irritation and doesn’t cause allergies. and yes all products despite of natural ingredients are made of chemicals also. chemical free doesnt exist.

  2. Agree to this 100%! “Chemicals” were made to improve the current instabilities of natural & organic products. This helps with the effectivity, strength & even shelf life of skin care. Just note & stay away from the bad and “harsh” chemicals by browsing the ingredients list.

  3. I agree. The terminology “chemical free” is really misleading, especially to the skincare beginners. I hope a lot of people can read this article because this is really informative.

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