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New Program: Picky Reviewer

What Is It?

We love your reviews on Picky so much, we’ve made a program dedicated to it! We’re teaming up with K-beauty brands to launch the Picky Reviewer Program. Where we send exclusive or hot products to you for review. The Picky Reviewer Program will focus on you, our Picky users, to use, review, and share a product to review. Did we mention it’s free?

Read on to see what the details are and how you can join!

How It Works:

1. Fill Out the Picky Reviewer Form

You need to fill out the form for each Picky Reviewer event. If your selected for one Picky Reviewer event, that does not automatically select you for the next review event. You must sign up for each event separately!

How many people are selected, and countries available, depends on the particular event and can change with each Picky Review event. You can check the ‘Event‘ folder in the notification tab on Picky for the latest events!

1000 Picky points are deducted each time you apply for an event. Picky points will NOT be refunded to ineligible users upon sign up. If you have questions, please send us a DM on IG @go.picky

2. You’re Selected!

When you’re selected for a particular Picky Reviewer event, you will be notified by email! You will be required to respond to the email with your exact shipping address and details. We will then send that specific K-beauty item to you. Note that we are not responsible for any damages or losses during shipping.

The product given can vary depending on the event.

3. What You Need To Do

Within 2 weeks of receiving the product you must:

  • Use the product for at least 1 week
  • Leave a product review on the Picky app
  • Post your review on Instagram using text and an image. Video is okay too!

4. Follow Up

After the 2 week period, we will send a follow up email to ensure all requirements have been fulfilled! So make sure the email address you give us is correct.


What We WANT:

  • Completely and utterly honest reviews of the product
  • Give us the details on how and why it worked, or didn’t work for you

What We DON’T Want:

  • Reviews that lack quality. If your review doesn’t fit our guidelines, you could be shortlisted for the next review event.
  • Failure to meet requirements. You will be blacklisted for all upcoming events if you fail to deliver on the requirements.

How To Participate

You can sign up to be selected for a certain Picky Reviewer event through our Picky Reviewer sign up sheet, found in the ‘Event‘ folder on the app. Please make sure to read all of the questions thoroughly and answer correctly!

8 Responses

  1. I review products I use frequently, because I care about what I put on my face. I also shop using other people’s reviews, so what is written is important to me.

  2. I would like to review products and participate in the picky review team. I enjoy KBeauty, and I would like to leave honest helpful reviews.

  3. I would like to honestly review products & post to my Instagram. Reviews are how I decide what products would be worth buying or not.

  4. I downloaded the PICKY APP from the App Store (Google play if you’re on Android) and have just written my first review! You earn points from reviewing then use them to apply and test free products!

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