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Picky Skincare Tips: Cleansing, Peeling, Acids and More

Psst, want a tip? We have a couple you could use. Cleanse better, glow without the pain and use the right amount of acids in your routine! We have it all right here with our Picky Expert @derm.minded! Check out these skincare tips on cleansing, peeling, acids and more.

Skincare Tip #1: Get the Glow, Lose the Burn

If you want to make the most of your chemical peel, make sure to stop any other acid, retinoid or scrubs 3-5 days ahead of time. This way you can minimize irritation and potential chemical burn. Chemical peels are meant to help not hurt your skin so take this cautionary step to protect your skin!

Skincare Tip #2: 60 Second Rule

Make the most of your cleansing time, don’t rush it! Proper cleansing is key to your skincare routine. Take your time and massage thoroughly with your fingertips, this allows for a gentle exfoliation and helps dissolve sebum clogging your pores and bring your skin some blood flow. This rule is even more important when you’re using a cleanser with an active ingredient: glycolic acid, lactic acid, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, sulfur, etc. Let those acids absorb into your skin and work their magic. What’s the point of cleansing if you don’t let it do its job?

Skincare Tip #3: Easy on the Acids

You don’t need to use every acid on the shelf, scale it back a little. Using each and every acid all day everyday isn’t the greatest idea for your skin. Of course, try them out and find what you like, but we suggest sticking to 1-3 acids if you want to see results. Overusing acids can compromise the skin barrier and sensitize your skin. It can also cause dryness, scaling and lead to skin conditions like eczema, acne and rosacea. So in this case, more is not better.

Skincare Tip #4: Brush then Wash

Best way to remove all that dental residue from potentially irritating your skin? Brush your teeth before you wash your face! Toothpaste and mouthwashes can have flavorants, fluoride, preservatives, baking soda, dye, etc. These can cause irritation or inflammation for the skin, or could lead to worse skin conditions like cheilitis (cracked corners of the mouth), perioral dermatitis (rash around the mouth), acne, irritation or allergic contact dermatitis. So do yourself a favor and brush your teeth first.

Tips on Picky

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