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Buzz-Worthy Honey Skincare

Honey not only tastes great, but it also works wonders for your skin. Raw honey is made up of live bacteria, enzymes and plant extract – all amazing components that add unique properties to skincare products! Honey’s bacteria helps to balance out your skin’s bacteria levels, therefore speeding up the healing of acne and other skin conditions. Honey is also a natural exfoliator, stripping away dead skin cells and leaving skin rejuvenated and refreshed. Below we’ve curated a list of the top rated honey skincare picks on Picky, covering products from all steps in your skincare routine.

Avoid products containing honey if you have an allergy to pollen or bee venom.

Picky Hive’s Top Picks

Hydrating Honey Sheet Mask


Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask

This cult favorite sheet mask is a quick and effective way to give your skin a moisture boost. Perfect for the busy bees among us! This sheet mask replenishes your skin’s moisture with a myriad of hydrating ingredients alongside honey including green tea, liquorice and citrus extracts. The nude sheet settles seamlessly onto your skin and provides plentiful nutrition to dull and tired skin.

“Okay so first of all… This smells soooo good! I’m not the biggest honey fan, but oh wow, sometimes I would use this just because it smells so good. It really does what it says: it moisturizes the skin and makes it healthy looking. Not tacky at all!”sparklesandnargles

Restorative Honey Skincare


Skinfood Royal Honey Propolis Enrich Essence

This essence is packed full of bee-related ingredients: 63% black bee propolis extract, 10% royal jelly and 10% honey extract work together to repair the skin barrier to ensure moisture remains locked in. Propolis and royal jelly are natural products created by bees and contain antioxidants that repair damaged and irritated skin. With all these restorative properties, this essence not only leaves skin appearing more radiant, but also improves skin condition longterm.

“I started using this serum about 2 years ago and it has stayed in my routine. I love to use it at night right before my moisturizer. It gives me an extra boost of hydration that doesn’t feel heavy or sticky.”RachelEileen

Rejuvenating Wash-Off Mask


I’m From Honey Mask

Each 120g tub of this top skincare pick contains 38% natural honey for deep nutrition and hydration. Whether you leave the mask on for a quick ten minutes during your skincare routine or treat yourself to an hour of relaxation, your skin will feel noticeably softer after rinsing. In addition, honey’s exfoliating properties also really get their moment to shine with this product. This rejuvenating mask removes built up dead skin and leaves behind supple, smooth skin.

“When I washed off this mask after the hour had passed, I was absolutely astonished at how bright and clear my skin looked in addition to being incredibly soft and nourished. I can honestly say this is one of my all-time favorite masks, definitely a must try.”MargaritaX

Anti-Aging Skincare Staple


By Ecom Honey Glow Ampoule

This brightening and anti-aging serum contains a burst of nature in every drop. Alongside its honey, royal jelly and propolis combination which hydrates and provides nutrition to the skin, this ampoule contains an innovating Blackberry Collagen Complex which improves skin elasticity to reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging. This honey-dense product fits perfectly into your skincare routine as a base for moisturizer and gives longevity to make-up.

“The cutest pink potion! I’m a huge sucker for packaging and this sucked me in big time! This was a treat to my skin! A little on the thick side but I was still able to easily glide it all over my face. I used it for a week straight and I do see a slight glow when I’m bare faced.”VeronicaReviews

Ultra-Hydrating Honey Moisturizer


Farmacy Honey Halo Ultra-Hydrating Ceramide Moisturizer

An intense, anti-aging moisturizer which utilizes honey to hydrate dry and tired skin. This moisturizer specifically contains buckwheat honey that is rich in antioxidants and is ultra-hydrating. Ceramide and fig extract improves fine lines and wrinkles, therefore, skin is more supple and plump. Skin appears more dewy and healthy!

“This cream has a thiiiick, yummy texture which glides on and melts into the skin like buttaah. My ultra dry skin just soaks up the hydration. I’ve used this as both a day and nighttime moisturizer and found it kept my skin nicely plump and moisturised. I have no complaints.”thebeautyjournalsxo

Be(e) Picky

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6 Responses

  1. I tried the By Ecom honey glow ampoule a few months back when I won the giveaway and didn’t care for it at all, however over these few months, my skin has drastically changed since I have been taking such good care of it and recently I decided to give honey a try again and bought the Farmacy Honey Halo and the Honeymoon Glow AHA….I fell in love! Now I’m using the honey glow ampoule also and really want to buy the I’m From mask.

  2. I’ve recently been using the Skinfood Honey propolis serum and it’s lovely. I already have & love the iunik propolis serum and this skinfood serum doesn’t disappoint. I have combo/ oily skin and I like the non greasy hydration it adds as well as never causes me to break out.
    A new favourite for me….it’s like “liquid gold”! 🌟💛

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