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Skin Repairing Ceramides: Our Top Product with Ceramide

If you don’t know about ceramides, your skin is truly missing out! This skin saving and ultimate barrier repairing ingredient is a must-have in your products. That’s why we’ve collected out favorites to highlight for you, even breaking it down by category so you can squeeze a ceramide anywhere into your routine!

Ceramide Cleansers

Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser

We all need a cleanser that can wipe away all that grime, but without swiping away your natural oils. No one needs a cleanser that completely strips their skin. And that’s what the CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser has to offer! Thanks to its formulation with ceramides and hyaluronic acid you can feel the hydration and repair taking place in your skin barrier! A great selection for normal to dry skin types.

Star Reviews


“Probably my new favorite. It completely changed my acne skin! This is a very gentle cleanser that is supposed to cleanse your skin without drying it or disrupting the skin barrier. I think the ceramides in these products have made a huge difference. My skin barrier looks much different now. I recommend this to anyone who is struggling with a damaged or irritated skin barrier.”


“I LOVE this product! This is my holy grail! This cleanser was fragrance free, alcohol free and it doesn’t make my skin feel tight after rinse it. The texture was soft and just perfect! I didn’t feel any bad experience with it.

La Roche Posay Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Face Cleanser

A daily and gentle face wash fit for normal, dry and sensitive skin types. Made with ceramides and niacinamides to promise a kind, but still deep, cleansing without leaving your skin crying with dryness.

Star Reviews


“A super gentle cream cleanser mainly for dry to normal skin types, however it works great for my combination skin. It contains gentle surfactants plus glycerin, prebiotic thermal spring water, ceramides, niacinamide and panthenol to cleanse while helping the skin retain moisture. I like using it both as a morning cleanser and as part of my double cleanse.”


“Has a milky consistency and doesn’t foam up. It’s really gentle on my skin, hasn’t triggered my eczema, hasn’t caused acne. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry after using, meaning it supports my skin barrier!”

Paula’s Choice Resist Perfectly Balanced Foaming Cleanser

A great cleanser if you deal with excessive oil production and need a thorough but gentle clean. Not to mention, it’s equipped with a formula boasting anti-aging and pore care qualities! You can even get away with using just this instead of a double cleanse!

Star Reviews


“If you’re not a fan of double cleansing, you’ll love that this has more than enough cleansing power to remove waterproof sunscreen and light makeup. It also didn’t strip/dry my skin at all (my sister with dry skin also like it).”


“Usually, I’m never impressed by cleanser, but this gently cleanses the skin from makeup and impurities so well that it even seems to me that I’ve had less blemishes and pore clogging since I started using this face wash. Good ingredients list with ceramides, without perfumes and dyes.”

Ceramide Toners

Tony Moly Wonder Ceramide Mochi Toner

Make your skin plump, bouncy and fresh -like mochi! This Mochi Toner packs a punch of hydration to deliver those much needed emollients to revive and reinforce the skin barrier.

Star Reviews


“I am really excited to share my thoughts about this product as it has taken its place as a holy grail product in my routine. I absolutely love the texture of the Mochi Toner. Doesn’t feel greasy or tacky. It layers perfectly and can be used for the 7 skin method. It’s really hydrating and gives my skin glowy, bouncy and truly mochi-like feeling.”


“I damaged my skin barrier a few months back by over-exfoliating and was looking for a more hydrating toner with ceramide or panthenol to restore my skin barrier. This toner is a hydration bomb. The texture is like vicious milky liquid, but it absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving a sticky/tacky feeling. I used it in both my AM and PM routines and it restored my skin barrier within a week of usage.”

Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Liquid

Achieve deeply moisturized and strong skin with this toner packed with a 5 Cera Complex and so much more to target dry skin concerns.

Star Reviews


“I personally find the trend of glass skin too overhyped and unrealistic, however this is that one product which imparts that glass like sheen sans greasiness. It’s neither drying nor sticky or heavy. It moisturizes my skin so well, I can use it both times AM and PM. If I have to choose only one skincare product for my entire life, that has got to be this toner.”


“Very good for me when I overdo it with masks and I need something to calm my angry skin. It contains 5 cera complex, panthenol and centella asiatica and supposed to relieve dry, flaky and rough textured skin. I have lately started using it for that purpose since I have combination skin and my forehead can get very dry and scaly.”

Pure’am pH Balance Calming Toner

A toner full of milky, moisturizing, goodness! The pH Balance Calming Toner provides a lightweight, but powerful source of hydration for all skin types. Feel free to apply a layer or two (or even more) to really feel the hydrating effects!

Star Reviews


“First of all, I LOVE the size of this toner! For me, finding a good toner is such a headache all the time since I have combination skin type. This toner is my life changer! It absorbs in a sec but without drying out, my skin is well moisturized after applying only this. I have redness and hyperpigmentation as well, but it calms down during the summer season.”


“This milky toner contains numerous nourishing ingredients. It locks in moisture, leaving skin plump & healthy. You can use a cotton pad if you want to add slight exfoliation or just splash your face with this if your sensitive and dry, either way it gives you instant balance and hydration. For oily skin types you can double this as your toner/essence and just add moisturizer.”

Ceramide Treatment

Ample:N Ceramide Shot Ampoule

Contains a heavy load of Ceraful Complex, a patented ceramide full formula, to help relieve dry and sensitive skin from dehydration with a high amount of moisture! Also hypoallergenic tested, making it a great fit for most skin types.

Star Reviews


“First of all, I LOVE the size of this toner! For me, finding a good toner is such a headache all the time since I have combination skin type. This toner is my life changer! It absorbs in a sec but without drying out, my skin is well moisturized after applying only this. I have redness and hyperpigmentation as well, but it calms down during the summer season.”


“This is a must-have for anyone building tolerance to tretinoin. I was suffering from peeling dry skin until I incorporated this into my routine. It’s extremely rare that I get any flakiness now. It comes out of the dropper looking very thick and gooey, but the moment I start spreading it, it takes on a thin -almost velvety- texture that makes it spread so easily.

Stratia Liquid Gold

There’s a reason for the name. This is a one stop shop for all your barrier concerns! Formulated with ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids (the holy hydrating trinity!) to not only restore the skin barrier but strengthen as well. Keeps your skin healthy, clear and resilient!

Star Reviews


“This is such a holy grail for me! I love it so much and 100% gonna recommend this to everyone. Seriously though, this one is amazing! The texture is so light, not really much of a cream, it doesn’t feel greasy and gives the right amount of moisture. For almost a month of using this, my skin improved a lot! My acne healed faster, my PIH slowly faded and my skin barrier feels so healthy.


“This is my favorite product of all time. Its very thin and light, almost like a heavy serum, but incredibly emollient and nourishing. Eventually dries down to a lovely finish on my dry skin. Nothing has improved my skin’s moisture barrier more than this product during this harsh dry winter.”

The Inkey List Ceramide Night Treatment

An overnight treatment to boost your beauty sleep! With 3% blend of ceramide to target dehydrated skin so you can wake up with a plumper and hydrated face in the morning!

Star Reviews


“Good at moisturizing and repairing the skin barrier, but a bit pricey for what it does. I use this after peelings and acid masks to soothe and hydrate my skin. Has a silicone like texture but spreads easily.


“This product has been a rescuer to me in this cold weather. My skin tends to get very dry on my cheeks and I really needed an overnight treatment to help with dehydration. The next day my skin looks plumped and glowy.”


Cosrx Balancium Comfort Ceramide Cream

Need a rich moisturizer that won’t weigh you down? Then the Balancium Comfort Ceramide Cream is the fit for you! Calm, soothe and strengthen your skin without clogging or getting the oily feel. Equipped with centella asiatica, a nice matte balm texture and ceramides of course!

Star Reviews


“This has a very rich feel to it on the skin, it almost melts into the skin like butter as you spread it. It feels like a mix between an oil and cream and absorbs quickly. This completely keeps the dry patches and flakes under control while also making my dry skin feel comfortable and soothed.


“This doesn’t get sticky and absorbs well into skin. It keeps the moisture, calms and soothes my skin even with the irritation from using tretinoin. This has been a staple moisture especially for winter. I’m on my 5th tube! It’s better for dry to normal skin types. But for oily skin I suggest to use as a night cream.”

SkinRx Lab MadeCera Cream

Highly-concentrated ceramide complex to increase moisture levels without any clogged pores or oiliness! Not only this, but the MadeCera Cream also contains brightening and anti-aging ingredients to help even out and clear up your complexion with a glow!

Star Reviews


“A little goes a long way, otherwise it gets greasy. It soothes my skin, tiny pimples and itchy bumps. Evens out, brightens and plumps my skin. I can see my dark spots get lightened a little, improves my u-zone dry lines a little. Skin stays hydrated whole day.


“I’ve been using this one for about 2 weeks and I can say that I’ve had a pleasant experience using it as my night time moisturizer. Does not leave a greasy or sticky feeling. Also, I love how it addresses my dull skin concerns. I wake up without my skin looking dull, so I can definitely vouch for its brightening claims.”

Illiyoon Ceramide Ato Concentrate Cream

A staple in many routines, the Ceramide Ato Concentrate Cream has been talked about as a skin saving cream for a while! If you want to get rid of tight, dry or irritated skin, then this may be the cream for you! Especially if you’re searching for an affordable option.

Star Reviews


“The consistency is rich & a bit gritty at first, but it melts in nicely and doesn’t leave a tacky finish. It sinks in easily while being occlusive & hydrating enough for my dry skin. Works well under sunscreen & makeup. Nourishes and moisturizes my skin without making me look oily or greasy. Always leaves my face perfectly moisturized and supple in the morning.


I use it before retinoid and I think thanks to this cream I have not experienced irritation with retinoids. I am also quite certain this cream healed my forehead which has been feeling tight and even numb because I abused it with a chemical exfoliant -Sorry forehead!”

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